Understanding best practices in a Multi-Class Classification Machine Learning workflow

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The relationship between music and emotion is well documented, but if you’re more than a casual listener of music, you probably already have an idea of how deeply connected these two notions are. Be it listening to Energizing music in the morning to kick-start the day, Ambient music while working, or googling about sad songs when going through a heartbreak, many of us, at some point in our lives, have used music to elicit an emotion or to find closure about an existing emotion.

In this article, we’ll create a classification model to predict the emotion invoked by a song…

Glassdoor Photo Brigade” by gdlogo_white is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

Why job-search is horrific

Job-search involves searching through Linkedin and other such websites to figure out where to apply. This is often frustrating, because with new companies cropping up left, right, and center, it is often difficult to judge how “good” a company is.

Enter Glassdoor, the de facto standard for checking out a company’s reputation. A company that treats its employees right may trump other factors like the type of work and pay. As such, checking out the Glassdoor rating of a company before applying for them is of paramount importance.

However, as mentioned earlier, with new companies coming up all the time…

Like a vast number of urban teenagers, Linkin Park was one of my favorite rock bands during my high school years. The moods and emotions that their music captures resonate with all kinds of different age groups, so you may have discovered their music later on in your life.

Linkin Park’s music has progressed a lot of over the years, from the radio-friendly nu-metal days of Hybrid Theory and Meteora to the alternative rock of Minutes to Midnight, experiments with electronic music on A Thousand Suns, and returning to a heavier rock sound in The Hunting Party.

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